September 29, 2011

ADD In Older Men And Women

ADD is just as much of a problem in older men and women as it is for children. The symptoms might be a little bit different, but the root of the problem is the same. Older men and women with ADD may not be brimming with some of the symptoms that children will have, but it affects them just as badly as any child. Knowing that you have it and how to fight it is the next step.

Older adults with ADD (more…)

September 28, 2011

How Does ADD Affect Young Females

ADD can have horrendous affects on young females from around the world. ADD often goes unnoticed in children because of the way they may act. Young females with ADD may not show any symptoms that are much different from any other normal child, or even boys with ADD. However, if a young female is diagnosed with ADD, it can seriously affect their work and social life.

For a young female going to school, depending on the symptoms she may have, her social life could be very awkward. Those with ADD have a tendency to say things (more…)

September 26, 2011

What is ADD And How Does It Affects People

ADD stands for attention deficit disorder. Attention deficit disorder has a great affect on those diagnosed with it. Often times it is first detected in childhood. ADD children have a hard time sitting still and concentrating. It causes children and adults to have a very hard time staying on task and keeping focused on a specific activity. Attention deficit disorder also causes hyperactivity and problems in controlling impulses.
ADD is most commonly related to having a short attention span. Adults and children have a very hard time focusing on (more…)