September 28, 2011

How Does ADD Affect Young Females

ADD can have horrendous affects on young females from around the world. ADD often goes unnoticed in children because of the way they may act. Young females with ADD may not show any symptoms that are much different from any other normal child, or even boys with ADD. However, if a young female is diagnosed with ADD, it can seriously affect their work and social life.

For a young female going to school, depending on the symptoms she may have, her social life could be very awkward. Those with ADD have a tendency to say things without thinking, which can cause awkwardness among her peers, as well as a tendency to jump from one subject to another, which may tend to drive people away from her. For school work, she may have trouble focusing on her homework and studying. Teachers may not get along with her because of her lack of attentiveness in the class, and overall, she may be feeling overwhelmed due to her mind always racing with thoughts.

With help from her parents, she can beat ADD, but it will take an effort from both sides. Organization is the most important thing for young females with ADD. People with ADD aren’t stupid, it is just hard for them to focus. Present them with many folders, try to make things as organized as possible, and reward them when they keep things organized for a time-frame or when they finish their homework or score well on a test. It goes a long way to how they will do in the long run.

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