September 29, 2011

ADD In Older Men And Women

ADD is just as much of a problem in older men and women as it is for children. The symptoms might be a little bit different, but the root of the problem is the same. Older men and women with ADD may not be brimming with some of the symptoms that children will have, but it affects them just as badly as any child. Knowing that you have it and how to fight it is the next step.

Older adults with ADD usually have a lack of focus as the main symptom. Many of the other symptoms branch off that main one due to the feeling of helplessness that sets in after knowing that you’re having an unproductive day. Often, many other disorders can set in due to ADD, like anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, or other learning disorders.

Another symptom common in adults with ADD is called hyperfocus. This takes place when you are reading, watching, or doing something that is of great interest to you. You become so absorbed in what is going on that you lose track of everything. Whether it be time, forgetting to eat, not doing other things that you need to do, or even forgetting to sleep. However, hyperfocus can have its benefits if it focuses you in on something that is productive. That is one of the keys to being successful while being diagnosed with ADD.

ADD can be stopped with the right measures. It may never go away, but if you figure out what you’re good at and learn to love it, it can actually be a blessing.The information doesn-t stop now. Keep looking: Bipolar Disorder in Seniors

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