October 2, 2011

ADD And A Female’s Social Life

Female ADD is no better and no worse than male ADD. The socialization of Females may make it more difficult for a female-s social life. A man-s social life often depends on physical activity, particularly when he is younger. The social of life of women depends more on communication than a man-s does, and women can be just as vicious as their male counterparts. They can also make someone regret saying something that the wrong time or failing to pay attention.

A woman with ADD cannot help the lack of attention she pays to others. It is a difference in the way the brain works. It is also true that a person with ADD may hyper focus on things that interest them. There are ways to overcome this lack of attention, the most common one for people who have been diagnosed with this condition is to take Ritalin. Caffeine can also help, but self-medication is usually not a good thing.

A woman who thinks she might suffer from ADD or ADHD should seek out help from a psychiatrist. It takes more than just medication to overcome the condition. It also takes work to develop the necessary social skills. It will make life easier.

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