ADD And How It Affects Men And Women

ADD is one of the most problematic mental disorders that people suffer through. ADD is often thought to be a disorder that only children can have, but that is not the case. Men and women from all over the world have ADD and many don’t even know it because of some of the discrete symptoms. It is exclaimed that men and women suffer from different symptoms when diagnosed with ADD, but that isn’t entirely the case. Men and women may have different roles in life, like a woman may be more of a housewife while a man may go out to work every day. Depending on the roles that they have to perform through daily life, ADD symptoms can vary.

For men with ADD, they can often be unorganized, antisocial, have trouble problem solving work-related issues, and have a lack of focus. Women with ADD can have some of those same symptoms along with eating disorders, depression, and emotional distress. The symptoms can affect any gender no matter what you do, but depending on what atmosphere you spend your life in, the symptoms can be different from others.

The main definition of ADD is a lack of focus. The lack of focus means that both men and women alike have trouble focusing on a certain task and sticking to it. Their minds will often jump from one thing to another and procrastination will set in, or just a feeling of helplessness in knowing about their lack of focus. If you know that you are diagnosed with ADD, whether you’re a man or a woman, it is important to know what interests you and try to do everything you need to do around it. It is proven that people with ADD can focus on something that they love much easier without getting bored.

To cope with ADD, other than finding something you love, the only thing you can do is keep yourself as organized as possible under a structured atmosphere. Get folders and color-coded markers, set a daily plan and reward yourself for completing a task on time. Do whatever you think you can to help yourself have a productive day. With hard work, the symptoms of ADD can be defeated.You thought this was good? Brace yourself: How to Spot Eating Disorder Symptoms